Great Escape Festival list app

Screenshot of Great Escape festival list app.

As a keen music fan, I go to The Great Escape festival every year and share ‘who-to-see’ tips with friends through text, WhatsApp, Facebook… but I wanted to store this growing list in one place, where anyone with the URL could view and interact with it.

Built on Glitch, the ‘wishlist’ is a simple Node.js app with SQLite database. From the start this had to work on mobile, for users out and about during the festival.

Features include being able to upvote other people’s tips, and order the list alphabetically and by most popular.


One of my biggest challenges came when I realised through testing that Glitch is not compatible with older browsers/mobile OS, and JavaScript won’t run. It was important to flag this, in a message users could access on any device, so I created a pure CSS ‘read more’ collapsible to replace the JS original. It took longer, but I felt it was necessary.

Attention to detail

My scrupulous attention to detail also came into play as I pre-empted things that might bother me, when others started freely adding to the list! So entries are styled to be capitalised, as is the first word of the description. There is a maximum character limit and, whether a description is added or not, each entry is vertically centred in its row.

For brand recognition — and because I like the style — the design was modelled on The Great Escape website.